Award Winning Interior Design

Uumbajji Design Studio is a Ugandan- owned, locally inspired professional Interior design consultancy company incorporated in 2019. The firm was set up to cater to the growing demand for affordable design within a pulsating construction industry.

‘Uumbajji’ is Kiswahili for Creation, which aptly sums up the design process from conceptualization of a space, to its implementation.

We seek to establish ourselves as a leading firm in Corporate, Hospitality & Retail Interior design nationally and on the African continent.

With three dedicated full-time members of staff, and consultants brought in on a project basis, Uumbajji provides you the Client, with a unique set of skills honed through our experience in the design field.


  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Client Centred


Design Director & Founder

A trained Interior designer and the founder of Uumbajji, Rachael is the Design Principal.
With vast experience executing projects across the hospitality, commercial and corporate design fields, she is responsible for the conceptualization of spaces, bringing the Client’s vision to life and overseeing the design process from start to end.
One of her favourite past times is finding intricate designs to cross-stitch.


Administrative Director & Co-Founder

With broad experience in managing successful enterprises, Joshua brings a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the firm. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a unique blend of project management, procurement, business administration and business start-up skills.
Joshua is in charge of the daily operations, client & account management and most importantly knows how to make the best coffee.


Interior Architect & Graphics designer

Jade is a qualified Interior architect with an innate creativity ingrained in her background as a professional artist. She is the talented lead of our Graphics department and bring a myriad of experience in concept design and technical drawing, in addition to corporate branding.
Her focus is on presenting our Clients’ corporate identity and she consistently meets and exceeds their expectations.